Interested in buying a $100 Limousine?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wowowee! What a very ingenious way of creating a classic, yet a very creative luxurious car. Filipinos will surely love to buy one of these crap. While Americans are trying to develop a 100$ laptop for children in Africa, Russians have developed a 100 buck Limo for Russian celebs. What do you think guys? Will this piece of crap last a day or two?LOL I'll probably swap my refurbished macbook air for this piece of junk..hehehe

Posted by FERDINAND TAN at 7:48 AM  


Oh goody. :|

Gian Paolo said...
9:27 AM  

Wow, funny car!!
I am sure after face-lifting, this car will be sweetie, definitely!! And not only sweetie, it will be popular in Russian Limo hire companies!!

aisha said...
4:39 AM  

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