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Monday, June 02, 2008

While going around the mall doing some Window-shopping together with my friends. I can’t resist myself looking at this particular gadget. It’s actually a Touchscreen MP4 Player with 2.8-inch LCD. Although my mp3 player is still alive and kicking, but there’s a sudden feeling within me that makes me want to acquire that particular gadget for no cause. Maybe I just admired its beauty as well as its functionality cause compared to my mp3 player its no match with its touch screen and storage capacity, which is 4giga byte. Wait till I get my hands on that particular device. Good thing there are online payday loans willing to lend a quick hand to those who are in dire need of cash. Looks like I’ll be applying for one.

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I think you should, if you really want it. It is also nice to have some of this gadgets, especially when your at home and alone...

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