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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Smoking Kangaroos - A local OPM alternative and punk band born with friendship and of course a lot of beer..wheeww that was tough! Started in 2003 with Jam on drums, Lyle on bass, Jason on rhythms and back-up vocals, Ferdie on lead guitar, and Lei on lead vocals. It soon ended up merging some of the members from their brother band Eavesdrop. Aian, the drummer of Eavesdrop was imported to be the new bassist for the Kangaroos together with Keith as a substitute bassist. Although it was just a jamming session that formed the band and a lot of drinking..and it's really complicated! The rhythm guitarist was soon replaced with Lyle a.k.a “the lead man”, when Jason left for the US and Ferdie became the back-up vocals and rhythm guitarist for the group. They recorded their single song entitled 'Wasted Time' composed by their former lead guitarist. They also play revivals from the 80’s and the present. The band is settled in Cagayan de Oro and is proud to be part of the independent group of performers in the locality.

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With the talent, right inspiration and hardwork, I know that these guys would reach a great potential! (",) For the love of music, keep on jamming!!! =)

Rhyza said...
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Change is inevitable. Evolution is a never ending process... Continuing the wonderful things you have begun is a challenge. More Power!

Rhyza said...
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