Wasted Time

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finally after long years of waiting; the band, Smoking Kangaroos have finally launched their independent composition entitled 'Wasted Time', a punk music that instills the importance of time in our lives. This song is a tribute to the Mansion pipz and the Tayubong boys..lolz Enjoy watching this video!

Posted by FERDINAND TAN at 2:25 AM  


hmmm..i've heard the smoking kangaroos play before & they are great performers. but i hope that the next music vids have better audio upload (tech prob maybe?).. the audio quality of this vid upload wasn't really 100% & doesn't give the band & the song justice :)

the first time i heard "wasted time", i've already given the song a thumbs-up.. plot of the video was unexpected..good one. shots like the rocking chair & clock, and the closing shot were nicely angled & taken.

more power guys & keep on rocking! ;)

4:38 AM  

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