A gift for my mom on her birthday

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My mom is the best! I never saw her get tired of doing all the household chores. Even though she’s just a simple and plain housewife, she has the best career in taking care of our family. One day, I saw my mom sweeping off dog hairs and dust from our floor, then I thought for a second and asked myself -- what if I buy my mom an electrolux vacuum cleaner on her birthday? That would definitely help her a lot at home and relieve her of all that stressful sweeping and dusting work. She could benefit from it since she does the entire spic and span job at home.

I would definitely buy an electrolux vacuum cleaner since it is very affordable, easy-to-use, light weight, and durable in the sense that it could last a long time. It is also highly recommended to all consumers and it has positive ratings when it comes to its durability and portability. It would be the best gift ever; my mom would never even worry if our pet dog leaves his hairs in every corner of the house cause my mom can just turn on the electrolux vacuum cleaner's button and voila cleaning is as easy as 123.

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wow! you are so thoughtful! am proud of you, such a wonderful kid! thanks for dropping by... sure let us exchange link, just let me know if you add me already so I can link you up... good night!

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