Itinerary for my future travel

Saturday, January 19, 2008

If I were to go on a vacation, I would probably choose to go to Barcelona. With its historical and magnificent attractions, busy central streets, and frequently visited and oldest beaches such as the Sant Sebastià and Barceloneta; Barcelona is on my top list of places that I would like to visit when I go abroad.

When it comes to accommodation, the second largest city of Spain offers the finest suites and amenities for travelers and tourists alike. As for my future itinerary, the first trip would be to walk down the streets of Las Ramblas and stay at one of the Barcelona Hotels. On the second day of my visit, I would probably visit the Picasso Museum, walk up and down Passeig de Gràcia, and take a ride on the bus and stroll around the area. As for my third day, I would probably try spending one night in one of the cheap Ramblas Hotels in Las Ramblas area.

It would also be nice if I learn a bit of Spanish so that I can talk to some local people in Barcelona. So if I would ask somebody about Barcelona Hoteles, they would surely understand me. And for my last day in the second largest city of Spain, I’d love to go on a day trip in Montserrat by train, yeah, that would be very interesting. And before I would leave one of the Barcelona Hotels I have checked-in to, I would really appreciate it if I’d be given a discount for the duration of my stay in their lovely city. (Winks)

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