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Saturday, February 02, 2008

My girlfriend’s mom was complaining about the rat problem they have in their house. The rats are having the time of their lives ravaging all the things they find around the house; devouring every little piece they could put their mouths into. Even the house’s electrical wirings were bitten which caused a whole day blackout. Those pests were really causing a lot of trouble already and they can’t be stopped. It’s very alarming what these pests are capable of doing. Just last month, I had to repair their home stereo because those unforgiving rodents ate the components wirings leaving only the copper wires. I personally advised her mother to seek the assistance of a pest control expert since they are able to handle these kinds of situations. While surfing the net for some late minute pest control research, I found my way into this pest control service site named Terminix. They actually help homes and businesses through their integrated pest management services. I’d probably recommend this to my soon-to-be mother in law. And I hope their pest problem would soon be solved.

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