Reflecting on the things that just happened

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Opportunities in life come and go as they say. But I think it’s one way of learning how a person can grow and learn from it. Just recently our client already concluded our current outsourced project. Meaning, they no longer need the service of our team. I felt a little bit sad about the recent happening since that project was our source of bread and butter. But what can we do, it just happened and we never expected it. Our company handled that project for more than 3 years now and losing it was like losing someone you’ve learned to love. I just can’t imagine myself being unemployed at this moment, I still can’t afford to lose my job; it's like any moment from now, I may need to get payday loans for all my current debts, a payday loan, which can be easily obtained for emergency purposes. It actually helps people who are in need of short-term financial assistance. It’s far better than applying in banks, which would take so long before a loan could be granted. But thank God I was relieved knowing that we will still be absorbed by our company and that we are still given new opportunities to prove our worth.

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