Wishful thinking -- Dell XPS M1330

Thursday, February 07, 2008

This post is entirely attributed to all my personal and material longings in life. Nah, maybe not! But still it is... Anyway, I was thinking a while ago on what to buy on my birthday as a present, of course, for myself. What if I bought a brand new car for my birthday? Mmmm too expensive. Or maybe buy a Nokia Xpress Music phone? It's already on my wish list so I'd still probably buy it one of these days. Ting! I knew it what I need for my birthday is a new laptop just like this -- a Dell XPS M1330 laptop or rather a refurbished macbook air would also be perfect. Wowowee! This is probably it, I can already feel it in my senses. Imagine me using this kind of cool gadget and bringing it with me in the office. Oh yeah! All desktop users please proceed to the laptop department and buy yourself a laptop. Lol I was just joking about that, I might offend my friends who are into the desktop frenzy. Enough about that and back to the main topic, which is buying me mucho eh laptop si senior. But how on earth can I afford such stuff? It'd probably cost around $1,300-2000 bucks. Cool! A gift for myself on my 50th birthday, yeah I'd wait for another 25 years for that gadget to be obsolete and affordable in the market, until I can buy it for myself.

The end is near!


don't worry, am sure kayang-kaya mo yan in few years... makakabili ka din niyan without waiting for your 50th bday or ma-obsolete yan... basta trust me, God will provide...

Marie Grace said...
8:45 AM  

been here...good night!

Marie Grace said...
9:52 AM  

Hollaaa my laptop is dell 1501. kayang kaya mo yan, ipunin mo ang income mo sa blog for sure in just 3 months meron ka na nyan. Anyways, added you already on my blog.

Anonymous said...
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