What If I was God for a day?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Earlier this morning, I watched Jim Carrey’s movie entitled Bruce Almighty. It was a funny story about an ordinary man, who failed in his reporting career and was endowed by God with the power to become HIM; the Alpha and Omega. Luckily Bruce, played by Jim Carrey, was able to handle the job of being God by doing the most out of his supernatural powers thereby leading to his successful career. But unluckily, he was not able to do his responsibility as God himself. It just struck my mind for a moment, imagining that what if I was God for a day. It would really be great to be God with all the unimaginable powers I would acquire for a day. I could even do things that normal people can’t do. I can even save the world for a single day. That’s not bad, after all I am entitled to a single day, becoming what I wanted dearly. But then there are things I also need to sacrifice, if I’d be God, I should do all his works. Answer a lot of prayers and do things that no man could have ever done, help those who need help, be the superhero, and specially create wonders in the world. It means sacrificing one day for the world. That would be pretty difficult for me, cause in fact I cannot be like God, even if I was given those tremendous powers, and never in my wildest dreams do I want to become Him. He is the MAN and nothing can change Him as the Alpha and the Omega. Well, dreams are for free, maybe I’ll just dream more. I can be like God in my own ways. =)

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