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Friday, February 29, 2008

I was very happy today. Want to ask why? Cause my entertainment blog just got a Page Rank 3 in Google. Isn’t that amazing? I wasn’t even updating my blog for quite a while now and I’m not even done redesigning it. When I checked it earlier, I saw that it had ranked. Although I’m still doubtful that this might just be a bug or something cause Google is not yet updating and by looking at it, my blog ain’t even worth the rank. LOL Check out my blog and see your PR tool if it really ranked.

Leave me a comment if Google really made it rank.

Posted by FERDINAND TAN at 12:57 PM  


Hi there, bloghopping here. care to xlinks?

Anonymous said...
5:17 PM  

Yep you gots a PR 3 by the looks of it to me too LOL Good Luck at keeping it sigh. Google took my PR 2 away from me and then kicked me out of Adsense and won't tell me why.

Mom with a Scattered Mind

11:30 AM  

wow! congratulations kapatid...

pwede ba tayo ex links sa iba ko pang blogs?

Marie said...
8:15 PM  

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