My dad and his gardening frenzy

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just this morning I saw my father working in our garden. He usually does his daily routine of taking care of his precious plants; cutting all the weeds that grew around the garden, rearranging the plants and of course watering them. His day would never be complete without his daily morning rituals and he does it day by day for the whole week. My father is really interested in gardening and I bet if he’d be working in a landscape and lawn service company such as Tru Green, he’d probably be one of the best. But as far as I know, gardening and landscaping is just part of his past time so I would never even think if he’d be interested in such a company anyway. Last week he bought a bunch of ornamental plants, I don’t know why he bought them but I definitely think that he wants to redesign his garden and add more to his plant collections. I bet next week he’ll be redesigning again and I don’t know what he’ll do next. Buy a lawnmower? Maybe?

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